The magic to wearing high heel shoes without pain, {must read}.

Any fashionista understands that heels are very essential to fashionable wardrobe but there is often that afflict question of how to wear heels without pain. There is this fashionable saying about high heels that say “can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. High heel pain on the other hand? can certainly live without it”. 

Reading the following tips below will sure help you to wear those stylish heels you desire with no pain.

{The meatier the heel the comfort}.

Keep away from wearing thin heels (cutting edge). They causes your foot to jiggle. As long as the dress is something occasional it may sometimes require  a thin heel (cutting edge). If you always wear a cutting edge heel, is about time to consider a cuble-knit heel style and change it up a bit.

cutting edge shoe

{Knowing your foot type}.

A good way to knowing your foot type is by consulting a podiatric  physician (podiatrist). There are several ways to also know if you have a flat or a high arch foot, just in case you can’t visit a podiatrist. You can as well wet your feet and step into a piece construction paper, it will show how high of an arch you have or how flattening your foot is.

{Putting on the right shoe size}.

The primary rule is to ensure you have the right size of shoe. Make sure to have your foot sized at least once a year, this is important because as you aged or especially after having kids your foot size changes over time. And when purchasing a shoe, always measure your feet for length and as well as width.

{Take break from from wearing heel shoes}.

Frequent uses of high heel shoes can not only cause you pain but also deform your the structure of your spine, it’s also okay to kick off your shoes throughout  the day and stretch toes and ankles too. The stretches you will want to do are the stretches that will target the ankle and phalanges (front of your foot) like directing your toes downward and pulling it up with a strap to get the achilles tender, the calf muscle and then side to side to get your foot in normal position.



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