Dj Cuppy—Nigerians ask Dj cuppy to stop as she discharges new single with MasterCraft.

To a great degree rich individual young lady, DJ Cuppy and Masterkraft have released another tune, and Nigerians are not having it.

Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola (imagined November 11, 1992), professionally known as DJ Cuppy, is a Nigerian circle move and producer.

Aside from circle moving, Cuppy sings and these are the couple of tunes she has added to her repertoire:

Cuppy has had everybody talking for some time and Nigerian Twitter have a great deal to say in regards to DJ Cuppy’s execution.

It appears Cuppy’s execution of her new single “Werk” which highlights Skuki didn’t exactly sit well with everybody. The video she tweeted demonstrates her having some good times as she performs with the Afrinero band of Epe.

This is what Nigerians Are Saying About DJ Cuppy’s Performance

Trust Nigerians to have a conclusion on whatever Cuppy does.

In the wake of viewing the video, Nigerian Twitter is humming with sentiments on regardless of whether she completed a decent or not.

She truly resembles she’s having a fabulous time and doesn’t appear to consider it excessively important.

But Nigerian Twitter is by all accounts vacillating in the wake of watching it. A few people adored her vitality and are queening her.

While whatever remains of Nigerian Twitter don’t trust it was an incredible live execution by any means.

A few Nigerians even trust it’s a superior thought for her to stick to being only a DJ. Indeed, thinking of her as late slew of singles, we figure she could show signs of improvement at this music thing and if different DJs can do it, she can as well.

What’s your opinion about her execution in the music business up until this point? Offer your considerations with us in the remark area.



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