MEN– 3 Most important things you need to know when dating a kathiani women.

One of the district in Machakos County that has the most beautiful women is kathiani.  And amount of men bear to travel from their different counties just to come and marry them. Their women’s beauty is breathtaking. And having one around will probably be of a great benefit to you.

These are the three things to expect when dating a beautiful woman from Kathiani:

#1:Less insecure.

Large amount of beautiful women have the alikeness of insecurity. They keep on feeling insecure with their men. They get scared of young women thinking they will snatch their men. These women never love long-distance relationships. They love most when they live in the same house with their men just to prevent cases of cheated upon in relationships.

#2: Tough competition

Competition is a very common thing in a relationship. Beauty is what attracts the man’s eye. Having a beautiful woman will be of a hugesome challenge for you. Several men will try their best possible just to win her heart. You have to be active always on her and prove your level best that you deserve her.

#3:Unmerited favors

Nothing can beat the feeling like hanging around with a beautiful woman, Lots of men will artests to that. These women in kathiani are very beautiful. They make you earn special treatment and respect even from unknown people. The reception you will get when you visit a coffee restaurant will be outstanding. Male workers in the restaurant will fight to get the honor of serving you thinking that she is your sister..lol

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